Surprising Dangers of Vitamins?

Recently Yahoo! Health published an article entitled 10 Surprising Dangers of Vitamins and Supplements. The article states that there have been more than 6,300 reports of serious adverse events associated with dietary supplements reported to the FDA, including 115 deaths and more than 2,100 hospitalizations. However, the article does not state the time-frame in which this data was collected. It could have been over the last 10-20 years. In my opinion 115 deaths in a unprovided amount of time does not classify as a “surprising danger”.

Thankfully, the article does point out that the FDA receives more reports of serious problems associated with prescription medication than it does supplements, but ironically it does not provide those statistics. What are those statistics? The number of people admitted into the hospital as a result of prescription drugs every year is in the millions and the number of deaths is in the tens to hundreds of thousands. Here is a link to an article that describes this in detail with references to support the claims.

Pieter Cohen, M.D. is then quoted by the article as saying “These powerful medications with powerful side effects are actually saving lives when used appropriately”. This statement is quite baffling as the only prescription medications that cure disease are antibiotics. The rest simply treat the symptoms and do nothing in regards to curing disease or conditions a patient is exhibiting. Oxycontin and morphine are certainly doing nothing in the way of saving lives.

There are over 40 essential nutrients the human body needs in order to function properly and arguably at least 40 others that the body can use to stay healthy. If the body is void of an essential nutrient, than a negative affect is observed. A large majority of medical conditions can be cured by ensuring the human body intakes all essential nutrients. Cured, not merely have the symptoms suppressed.

The bottom line is that vitamins and minerals do save lives. Doctors are not required to take any nutrition classes in order to graduate from medical school. Because of this fact a doctor’s opinion is no more credible when making statements in regards to human health and vitamins than that of the average human being.


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