During my quest to find knowledge and purpose in this journey we have come to call life one phrase has become more meaningful than any other expression.

Question Everything.

Not in a paranoid sense, but with the intent to become open-minded. Life is a choice between fear and love. When we are afraid to question something, we limit ourselves. Questions lead to understanding, and understanding leads to acceptance. We all crave acceptance. We yearn for it and occasionally cry out for it. Acceptance from our parents, friends, peers, co-workers and at times even God. It is my belief that acceptance is the doorway which leads us to happiness, and that is our greatest desire. To be happy. Understanding, acceptance and ultimately happiness are the goals of this blog.

Question -> Understand -> Respect -> Accept -> Love

It is my hope to shed light on certain ideas, beliefs and emotions that often times can be difficult to deal with or explain. However, with an open mind understanding can be achieved. Let me clarify that understanding does not equate to approval. When a belief or idea is understood the potential significance and implications are merely grasped. The belief or idea does not need to be adopted, simply respected for the fragment it is in this puzzle of life.

We do not need to agree on everything, but we must respect our differences. When a belief or idea is truthful or possibly useful in bringing about happiness, then it deserves understanding. Not necessarily acceptance or adoption, but solely understanding for the promise that it holds.

Learn, love, grow.


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